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Furnished Apartments & Rooms in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is a popular city for expats moving to or within Germany, particularly because it has lots of prime employment opportunities. Stuttgart is home to big name brands including Mercedes Benz, Porsche, IBM, and Hewlett Packard that provide plenty of desirable jobs for the city. It’s also a beautiful city to explore, with plenty of natural sights as well as manmade ones across the city’s rolling hills. As the sixth largest city in Germany, Stuttgart certainly has lots to offer its residents and visitors. Stuttgart apartments are spread out across the city’s 23 primary neighbourhoods, so you can find somewhere to live in an area that suits your tastes. There are a range of accommodation types from single rooms to fully furnished apartments for rent in Stuttgart, Germany. Furnished apartment rental in Stuttgart is particularly popular among expats as it removes the need to buy lots of new furniture once you arrive in your new home. If you are planning to relocate to this impressive German city, then Nestpick has a range of apartments for rent in Stuttgart, Germany. So, start searching!

Serviced apartments in Stuttgart

If you’re looking for a serviced apartment in Stuttgart, then you’ll have plenty of choice. Serviced apartments provide all the amenities that you require for a short or longer stay in Stuttgart. They are completely furnished and include all your bills and other services in the price of your stay. For example, many serviced apartments in Stuttgart include regular cleaning services and a number of on-site facilities such as parking and grocery delivery services. Serviced apartments are the perfect choice for corporate trips to Stuttgart, providing the comfort of a hotel stay at a more affordable price.

Rooms for Rent in Stuttgart

Student Accommodation in Stuttgart

Apartments in Stuttgart by districts

Whether you’re looking for the hustle and bustle of the city centre or somewhere a bit quieter and rural, Stuttgart has something that will suit you. The districts surrounding the city centre offer lots of accommodation options that are still within walking distance or a short bus or subway journey away from the vibrant centre.

There’s Stuttgart-West and Stuttgart Ost on either side of the centre that are extremely attractive and popular places to live. Nord is immediately North of the city centre with districts such as Bad Cannstatt and Stuttgart Feuerbach also nearby featuring plenty of affordable apartments for expats to rent. For the higher end, more exclusive accommodation, look to neighbourhoods such as Degerloch and Killesberg for a real family friendly residential appeal.

Stuttgart is divided into 4 main districts which are Stuttgart-West, Stuttgart-Süd, Stuttgart-Ost, Stuttgart-Nord.

Stuttgart Mitte (City Centre)

Like with pretty much any city centre, Stuttgart Mitte at the heart of the city is the place to be. It’s a thriving cultural hub with plenty of impressive sights to take in and lots to do. There are shops, cafés, bars, and restaurants aplenty. The Schlossplatz is a particularly popular place that’s full of attractions for both locals and tourists, and Königstrasse Avenue is the main shopping street in the city. There’s also plenty of opportunity to take in the culture of Stuttgart with lots of museums and galleries located in Stuttgart Mitte.

There’s a range of choice when it comes to renting an apartment in the city centre, especially as you get further out to the edges of Stuttgart Mitte. In the heart of the city centre, serviced apartments are especially popular as many visitors and expats are looking for somewhere centrally located to stay on their business trips.

Apartments in Stuttgart’s city centre come at a range of prices, with more affordable accommodation nestled in amongst the luxury furnished apartments. You’ll also find holiday homes which are perfect for shorter visits to the city. Whether you’re planning on moving to Stuttgart permanently or just visiting for a short business trip or holiday, there’s plenty on offer in the city centre.


Stuttgart-West is a large district of Stuttgart that neighbours the city centre to the west. It has plenty of entertainment of its own as well as being so close to all the amenities and facilities of the city centre. There are lots of great cafés, restaurants, bars, and shops in the area to keep you entertained, plus theatres and museums to soak up some culture, and very nice parks for days out in the sun.

The area of Stuttgart-West is a trendy place close to the city’s downtown, so it follows suit that it’s also full of trendy apartments to rent for young professionals and students. However, along with the nearby parks where families love to spend time, there are also more residential homes that are suitable for families in Stuttgart-West.

Rent prices in Stuttgart-West are more comparable to those in the city centre rather than the cheaper areas of Feuerbach and Zuffenhausen. However, the quality of apartments in this area is also very nice, and you’ll be able to find ones on the more affordable end of the scale compared to districts such as Killesberg and Degerloch.

Apartments in Feuerbach

Stuttgart Feuerbach is the home of Bosch headquarters, so anyone moving to Stuttgart for a job with the electronics giant couldn’t find a better place to live. Other than its location close to notable employers, Feuerbach is also popular for its reasonable rent prices and its proximity to the city centre, with great transport links connecting the two districts.

Feuerbach is a nice mixture of residential and commercial streets combined with large green landscapes to escape to for some fresh air and relaxation. There are some nice shops and restaurants for when you don’t want to venture into the city centre, plus the Wilhelm-Braun-Sportpark for some sporting activities or family fun.

Accommodation is plentiful in Feuerbach, with lots of houses as well as apartments available to rent. Renting an apartment in Feuerbach is affordable, and there are a good mix of single rooms and fully furnished apartments for one or more residents. Feuerbach is a popular place to live for both expats and locals, so it boasts a great mix of residents. Markets and other shops are on hand to provide you with your everyday essentials.

Student accommodation in Stuttgart

The city’s main university, The University of Stuttgart is located right in the heart of the city in Stuttgart Mitte. This gives students plenty of choice when it comes to finding an area to live as many districts are within walking distance of the city centre. As well as student accommodation in the city centre, students can also look to surrounding areas such as Stuttgart-West, Stuttgart Ost, and Nord for apartments that are close to their classes. Plus, public transport to the city centre is really handy from all of the surrounding districts, making it easy to travel to campus.

There are lots of student apartments, rooms to rent, and student houses within the city centre and its surrounding areas. Student Services Stuttgart help all the city’s students find affordable accommodation in the city before they start their studies. Plus, you can search a range of affordable student apartments using our handy search tool.

Stuttgart public transport

Stuttgart boasts a fast and efficient public transport network, with the city’s underground rail system linking many of the districts to the centre of the city. Underground stations are fairly frequent, so you won’t have to walk far to reach one when you’re living in the inner districts. The more rural districts are served by the city’s S-Bahn. Stuttgart also has an extensive bus network covering the city and rail links leading to other major German cities and surrounding countries.

Whichever district you choose to live in, Stuttgart’s transport makes it easy to get around the city and into the heart of the city centre.

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